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How it works

*Due to the upcoming arrival of my little one I will not be accepting custom work until September 2020.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist so we can get started on your special project once I'm back please email me at info@kathrynrebecca.com.*


Custom work is always welcome!

It would be an honour to work with you to create a custom piece for yourself or someone you love. 

How it works: 


1. Fill out our

 CUSTOM REQUEST FORM or BOOK a free 30 minutes consultation.  This can be done in- person at 1338 Queen Street West, Toronto or by phone. 

2. Whether you fill out our request form or book a meeting with us we will finalize all the details of your request and provide you with an approximate quote.  If you would like to proceed a $200 deposit is required. This goes directly towards the cost of the project.  


3. Once we have chatted and I have good idea of what you would like made I am able to do sketches!  .  

I do a minimum of 2, maximum of 3 sketches and outline the exact cost for each design that is presented. This information will be emailed to you. 


4.  Once we have finalized your favourite design we will get started on carving the wax and sourcing the gemstones. At this time we do a 50% deposit (less your previous $200 deposit). 

The carved wax model and gemstones for your piece will then be ready to show you! This can be in person or by photos (just whichever works best for you). 

5. After you have approved the wax your piece will be cast, polished and the gemstones will be set.  


6.  Once your piece is done it can be shipped to you or picked up in person!  At this time the balance for the project is due. 


Some common questions...

 How long does it usually take?

The timeline is normally 6-8 weeks. 

Can I bring you an heirloom ring or other jewelry/gemstones to incorporate into the design? 

Yes you can!  I love to re-work items that hold a special meaning.  We can use the gold and any gemstones in a new design.  

I am happy to explain the whole process of how we can and will do this when we meet. 


What is the average cost to have a design custom made?  

The answer to this is dependant on if you are having an existing piece customized with a different gemstone or metal OR if you are getting a new design that does not currently exist created.  

If you are having a new piece created the starting cost is normally $500.  This cost is due to the labour both in designing and carving something new. 

If I am able to make slight alternations on existing designs the cost is dependent on the labour involved.  I am happy to let you know an estimate once we finalize the details of your request.


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