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Flora's Awakening

INSPIRATION It’s no surprise that Muskoka was recognized by National Geographic as one of the “100 Places That Can Change Your Child's Life.”  My childhood home continues to influence my work to this very day. 
Flora’s Awakening is a tribute to the “magical” forest near my family’s house. With each passing season, this forest was a place of constant wonder ready for my exploration. 
It’s been many years since I romped through flowers or used a tree branch as a sword, but the feeling of the forest lives on in Flora’s Awakening. This collection combines the wild beauty of buttercups, curved branches and sparkling jewels. 

• Stylist: Christina Lynn

• Makeup Artist:Angie Di Battista

• Photographer: Stephen Macleod of 
Flora's Awakening
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Blooming Branches
Blooming branches - gemstone necklace
Blooming branches - jade necklace
Blooming branches -oval branch ring
Blooming branches - small branch ring
Blooming branches - wrap bracelet
Golden Glow - Buttercup bangle
Golden Glow - Buttercup branch
Golden Glow - buttercup studs
Golden Glow - buttercup necklace with gemstone
Golden Glow - Buttercup ring
Golden Glow - small buttercup studs
Branch with leaf band
Branch with leaf band
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Blooming Branch Circle with gem
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